Last Updated: 16 June 2021

Welcome to alekasm, a website dedicated to reviving old games through reverse engineering efforts. Revival in the strictest sense means being able to play your favorite games on modern hardware. Some of the more well-developed revivals will feature additions to a game that previously did not exist, such as patching bugs present in the original game - or even adding new resolution modes. All projects are free and open-source. The name alekasm is a play on words, my first name which is Alek combined with asm which is short for "assembly language". It's supposed to be pronounced as "alakazam" (the magical incantation), but feel free to pronounce this however you wish.

Aleksander Krimsky - www.krimsky.net

General News

16 June 2021: Welcome to the new homepage where I'll combine all existing websites into a central hub. This will make it easier to manage multiple projects. The existing websites simcopter.net and streetsofsimcity.com will redirect appropriately to this new site.

Submit a game

I'm open to accepting new games to be revived, however there are some stipulations.

Reviving an old game may take considerable time; on average between four months for a simple patch, to on-going support lasting two or more years. Some other things I will consider before embarking on the endeavor is how popular the game is, if there are already existing patches for the game, and my own personal opinion about it. Regardless, if the game you have in mind meets the bulleted criterea above, please send me an email with the name of the game.